Neutered Maneki
"Neutered Maneki", about 2ft by 3 1/2ft


Welcome! As suggested by the painting above, view works that are refreshingly interesting and aesthetically pleasing as well. Bound to be the talking point in living rooms, atriums and halls, these witty gems of art from Cheah's brushes are for sale at the right price. If you wish to acquire any or discuss a commission, email

Lord Ganesh Lord Krishna

"Lord Ganesh and his modern day mouse"

About 2ft by 3 1/2ft, enamel on board.

"Lord Krishna plays his flute to the modern world'

About 2ft by 5ft, enamel on board.


"Fish of Fortune"

About 4 1/2ft by 2ft, enamel on board.

"Eyes White Open"

About 4 1/2ft by 2ft, enamel on board.